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True Rejuvenation takes a personalized and supportive approach to weight loss. We incorporate the four key components of weight loss and customize them into one simple and structured program for you. Our programs combine the specialties of an onboard Doctor, Registered Dietitian, Personal Trainer, and Wellness Coach (meet the team) to ensure that you have all the resources and tools you need to make your weight loss a success.

We recognize weight loss isn't easy. At True Rejuvenation, our specialists are readily available to you throughout the program to help you overcome any challenge that may arise and keep you motivated.

We offer two main weight loss programs, our Body Defense Program and our True Rejuvenator Program. Depending on your goals, current weight, and lifestyle, we will recommend the appropriate program that will best meet your needs.

Both programs follow our Three Phase Plan, which involves designing your personalized program, keeping you motivated and on the right track, and making a real "lifestyle change".

Once you have joined our program, you will be invited to our exclusive "True Space Community". This is an online group, which all True Rejuvenation members are invited to. It allows everyone to stay updated with the latest news, meet other members, share stories, find walking buddies, and communicate with our specialists. Our patients love True Space as it adds another supportive component to our program. It ensures our patients are never alone throughout the program and they have the support of all our specialists and patients!

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